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We spoke to Dr Bonnie Eaker Weil, author of Make Up, Don’t Break Up to find out how you can move past those tough times with your partner and save your relationship. Whether you’re not communicating properly or argue all the time about the smaller things, we’re pretty sure you can still make it work. Here’s how…

1. You’re Drifting Apart Make sure you spend quality time together. Make time for each other and let him know he is special by going to his favourite movie or making his favourite dinner. Put him on your calendar and call him frequently. Make sure he doesn’t feel like you’re choosing work over your relationship. Discuss fears, concerns and make an authentic effort to connect physically, emotionally… and through play.
2. You Can’t Talk To Each Other Like You Used To
3. You Argue All The Time
4. He Is Being Secretive
5. Your Job Is Causing You To Spend More Time Apart

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