Magic Moments
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Magic Moments


Perhaps watching two royal couples getting hitched was enough to get us into a wedding mood, or maybe we just like to watch an unknowing bride-to-be say: ‘Yes!’ or sometimes… ‘No.’ Whatever it is, we had fun YouTubing intimate moments where hopeful grooms succeed (and fail) at proposing. Maybe you can forward the proposal video you like best to your guy as a little hint, hint…

Movie Trailer Proposal

Dubbed as ‘The Best Marriage Proposal Ever’ in cyberspace, we have to agree. This is probably the last thing you’d expect to happen while in the cinema to watch The Hangover 2.

Graffiti Proposal

If you thought Labrador puppies were adorable, watch this! The reaction on her face says it all…

Explosive Reaction

In one minute flat, this bride-to-be goes from sheer shock to utter happiness.

NYC Proposal

A love proclamation in front of a LOVE sign… either you think it’s corny or very romantic.

Trevi Fountain Proposal

When in Rome, say yes! And so she did.

Food Court Fail

This guy did not score any points for proposing in a food court, then again, why would he? You’ve got to feel for him a little bit though. Eek.

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