His Love Freak-Outs pg1
Cosmo Editor

His Love Freak-Outs pg1

- Cosmo Editor

Sure, we may act all laid-back, but underneath that cool exterior we’re sometimes quaking in our boots. In fact, in the first few months of a relationship, men are often self-conscious and overly analytical. These are our biggest worries.

Your Long-Term Potential In the beginning guys aren’t exactly planning your future together. But, on occasion, a woman does something that shoots up a red flag and makes a man wonder if he should get out now. Take Glenn*, 33: ‘A girl I was dating told me that she hated camping, but I love outdoorsy stuff. I started stressing about how we could possibly work out. From then on, every high-maintenance thing she did made me take a step back until I just had to end it.’
If The Sex Is Good
His Earning Potential
If You’ll Go Crazy

*Names have been changed


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