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His Idea Of Girlfriend Material pg3


If you’re used to hearing the line ‘I’m just not ready for a relationship,’ then please, keep reading. One important thing to bear in mind: Guys decide early on whether they’re willing to forgo their freedom to become monogamous with you. To prove to him it’s a sacrifice that he’ll actually want to make, be sure that you…

Get The Bill ‘My idea of long-term material is someone who will give me a high five when I’ve had a great day on the golf course or night at the poker table and who will laugh with me when I tell her about all the stupid stuff my friends did at our bar crawl,’ says Thabo*, 31. Yes, it’s asking a lot (we don’t expect you to embrace our strip joint jaunts), but guys don’t want a girlfriend who’s going to bitch and moan about our manly activities or the company we keep.
Have Friday-Night Plans
Love His Guy Stuff
Unleash Your Lust

*Names have been changed


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