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His Idea Of Girlfriend Material pg2


If you’re used to hearing the line ‘I’m just not ready for a relationship,’ then please, keep reading. One important thing to bear in mind: Guys decide early on whether they’re willing to forgo their freedom to become monogamous with you. To prove to him it’s a sacrifice that he’ll actually want to make, be sure that you…

Get The Bill Sure, you want to see him, and he appreciates that. But when you bombard him with a steady stream of e-mails and SMS’s asking if he wants to do something this weekend, it’s suffocating. What he needs to move forward with you is reassurance that you have your own life – one that doesn’t revolve around him. ‘My girlfriend was the first woman I’d ever dated who repeatedly told me ‘Already booked’ because she had all this other stuff going on,’ says Amir*, 29. ‘Soon, though, I realised that if I wanted to see her, I’d have to make plans in advance. That made me want her even more!’
Have Friday-Night Plans
Love His Guy Stuff
Unleash Your Lust

*Names have been changed


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