His Biggest Dating Turn-Offs pg1
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His Biggest Dating Turn-Offs pg1


A lot of guys spend the early days of dating looking for signs that they should get the hell out while they still can. Yes, it’s pathetic and self-defeating, but it’s true. So, the trick to reaching bona fide girlfriend status is less about blowing us away than it is about not driving us away. Start by avoiding the behaviours we consider psycho chick (or at least clingy woman) tip-offs.

Guys convince themselves that you think about them non-stop, but they don’t want evidence of it. When a girl starts obsessively checking in, it spells S-T-A-L-K-E-R. Worse, we don’t want to look like we’re tied to a leash if the constant calls happen when we’re with the boys. The deal is, if you resist dialling his number quite so often, your guy will actually look forward to your calls. And you’ll have something left to talk about.


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