First Date Red Flags pg3
Cosmo Editor

First Date Red Flags pg3

- Cosmo Editor

Most men will stop at nothing to wow the pants off you during your first date, which includes lying through their teeth. At other times, fibs are used to sidestep less-than-desirable situations. And though it would be impossible to convey all the untruths uttered by guys, what follows are a few of the more common ones.

‘I’m Between Jobs.’ Sure, it’s possible that he’s never had a bona fide better half, but chances are there’s an ulterior motive here. It could be a sly way of admitting he can’t commit. ‘When I was in my early 20s, I was only interested in hooking up,’ says Matt*, 31. ‘Even though I had a long-term girlfriend in high school, I always downplayed my commitment capacity so girls wouldn’t get attached.’ On the brighter side, he might be trying to pique your interest with a covert challenge. Don’t you want to be the one girl a guy can’t resist falling for?
‘I Never Move This Fast On The First Date.’
‘I’ve Never Had a Serious Girlfriend.’
‘I’ll Call You.’

*Names have been changed


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