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Dating Coach Tips pg5


It’s tough to understand why guys say they are going to call and then don’t follow through. But instead of wasting time over-analysing all the possibilities with girlfriends, we went directly to a guy (a hot one, by the way). Steven Ward puts women through a rigorous dating boot camp and helps them banish their bad habits. Now he does the same for you by spelling out the top six dating mistakes women make and explaining how to correct course.

The Fix: Checking your BlackBerry when you’re around new guys is like answering the phone during sex. A good guideline: Pretend you’re on an aeroplane and turn off all electronic devices. While you may be trying to look like you have lots of friends or you’re a big deal at work, it’s really unappealing. Even if you are truly busy he’ll think that you are being disrespectful or are just not interested. Even worse, a guy doesn’t want to worry that you’re providing minute-by-minute Facebook updates about your date or firing off details about him to your friends via Whatsapp. If you must check work e-mails or are determined to fill in your friends about how it’s going, do so quickly… in the confines of a bathroom stall.


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