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Dating Coach Tips pg1


It’s tough to understand why guys say they are going to call and then don’t follow through. But instead of wasting time over-analysing all the possibilities with girlfriends, we went directly to a guy (a hot one, by the way). Steven Ward puts women through a rigorous dating boot camp and helps them banish their bad habits. Now he does the same for you by spelling out the top six dating mistakes women make and explaining how to correct course.

The Fix: Women rarely get that what’s cute to their friends is usually the opposite of what guys think is sexy. In a bar or on a first date, your goal is to lure him in. That said, there are a few key things you should avoid: babydoll dresses (they make women look heavier than they are… or pregnant), boyfriend jeans (we’d like to see the shape of your bum, please), and flats (I get that you wear them because they’re comfortable, but so are tracksuit pants, and you wouldn’t wear those on a date. I hope. Put on some heels).


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    It’s challenging to comprehend why people say they are going to contact and then don’t adhere to through