ADVERTORIAL: Bella Rouge Classic

ADVERTORIAL: Bella Rouge Classic


Bella Rouge Classic is the first luxury sensuality brand for women in South Africa. It is elegant, feminine, sexy and deeply seductive. Lingerie is made from the finest silks and laces, massage products are blended from pure, natural ingredients, and designer toys are an expression of erotic and tactile desire, designed to reflect the fact that women love beautiful objects.

The Bella Rouge Classic philosophy emphasises the sensuality that flows from within you, and presents intimacy as a private indulgence and the ultimate luxury. Bella Rouge Classic believes that passion and intimacy should be indulged and that exploring your inner desires and fantasies profoundly enriches your life.

The products are designed with both the boardroom and the bedroom in mind, ensuring that women can be sexy and professional. The brand’s opulent range of leading international products and creations is designed to intensify life’s pleasures and unlock the buyer’s innermost desires.

Bella Rouge Classic is a sensuality boutique that engages in the retail of luxury lingerie, exquisite nightwear, outerwear, beauty products and high-quality bedroom accessories, such as:

Lingerie: corsets, bras, garters, hosiery, camisoles, knickers and suspenders.

Nightwear: baby dolls, dressing gowns, kimonos, pyjamas and slips.

Outerwear: Fantasy outfits.

Beauty products: Body creams, fragrances, massage oils, soaps and candles.

Bedroom accessories: Potions and lotions, romance enhancers, books/games and designer toys.

For more information about Bella Rouge products, visit


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