7 Things that Make You Even MORE Irresistible – According to Guys

‘Why are you so obsessed with me?’

Being perceived as even more attractive is almost too easy – men aren’t exactly overly complicated creatures. These are the seven things that men agree make any woman totally irresistible.

1. When you’re effortless

Of course, your makeup is YOUR makeup so do whatever the hell you want, but most men prefer a more natural look (or so they think, at least). This doesn’t mean you should go bare-faced. Science says that most guys would love it if you just toned it down by a couple of percentage points. He loves it when your makeup highlights your natural beauty instead of totally altering your already stunning looks.

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2. When you’re smiling or laughing

While women are often attracted to broody men, guys tend to prefer the opposite. You’re prettiest to him when you’re happy! A friendly face is a sure way to be approachable to the object of your affection. Stony face = stay away.

3. When you clearly don’t need him but you want him

If your guy knows that you don’t need him but you still want him… Well, he’ll be putty in your hands. While he’s definitely attracted to your independence, it’s great for him to feel like you still desire him.

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4. When you show off your femininity

Have you ever noticed how you get way more (sometimes unwanted) attention when you’re wearing a dress? It’s dumb but it’s a fact: most men love it when you have that whole pretty, girly thing going on. It’s when you stand out most of all.

5. When you wear red lipstick

Taylor Swift knows what’s up. A recent study showed that red lipstick makes guys stare at you for an average of 7,3 seconds – that’s longer than any other lipstick colour. So if you want him to struggle to keep his eyes off your kissable pout, tone down your other makeup and slap some ruby on your lips.

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6. When you’re confident in yourself

Whether you have it or not, confidence is something you can fake and something all men respond to. Men like knowing that you love who you are – it makes them want you even more. Stand tall, smile, make eye contact and before you know it, you’ll feel it.

7. When other guys want you

He likes knowing that other men want what he has. It’s a great reminder of how lucky he actually is. Don’t be shy to casually mention to him when some guy tried to chat you up at the bookstore. As long as he knows you’d never cheat on him, it excites him to know other men want you but don’t stand a chance.

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