4 Member Mysteries - Solved
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4 Member Mysteries - Solved


Why Are Some Penises Bent?
It’s very common for a man’s penis to bend a little, but a severe bend is often caused by a common condition called Peyronie’s Disease. It’s caused when scar tissue develops on either side of the shaft. Doctors don’t know why it happens, and the curve often decreases in severity without treatment.

Why Do Men Need To Rearrange Their Package All The Time?
He has something hanging between his legs, and it can get sweaty and uncomfortable, especially if it’s caught up in his underwear or he sits on it. So guys shift their package around so it hangs to the left or right. There’s no rhyme or reason in their choice… it’s just about comfort.

What’s With The Whole Shrinkage Thing?
When the temperature around the penis and testicles drops, like if he jumps into a cold pool, the muscles that support his package retract to keep the area warm.

Can Guys Do Kegel Exercises Too?
Absolutely. For some men, building those muscles not only improves their ability to hold
off climaxing, but it also makes their orgasms more intense.


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