10 Qualities Smart Women Should Look for in a Partner

He needs to challenge you.

You’re a smart girl so the guy you want won’t necessarily be ‘easy’. You need someone who can debate with you, someone who can laugh with you and someone who makes you want to be an even better person. These are the 10 qualities you should be looking for in a long-term partner.

1. Someone who challenges you. A Yes-Man can be fun – for a while. But if he’s agreeing with everything you say, going along with everything you want to do and not really telling you what he wants, you’re going to get very bored very quickly. Find someone who loves you but doesn’t feel the need to share the same brain with you.

2. Someone whose sense of humour is compatible. Luckily, ‘compatible’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘the same’. In fact, it’s even better when your partner can introduce you to a type of funny you never even realised you responded to. The ability to laugh together creates a stronger bond than most things.

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3. Someone who teaches you without lecturing you. The best relationships are the ones where both partners benefit from each other intellectually. You’re intelligent so you love to learn. You need a man who can open your eyes to thoughts, ideas and topics you’ve never considered. And – you need to be able to do the same for him.

4. Someone who fascinates you. Your relationship will be even more special if you keep discovering new things about each other. You need to be with someone you find genuinely interesting. Usually, this is someone who shares some similarities with you but even more differences.

5. Someone who inspires you. The right person will never suggest that you need to change. But he’ll make you want to. Changing for the better is something we should be doing throughout our lives – and wanting to change for someone else certainly doesn’t make you weak.

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6. Someone who has undeniable chemistry with you (and not just of the sexual variety). Chemistry in the bedroom is obviously very important but what about chemistry when you’re just taking a walk and talking? You need someone whose conversations stimulate you, too.

7. Someone who knows who he is. You need a partner who’s totally self-aware – who can acknowledge his positive and negative characteristics, and is totally willing to improve himself without compromising his beliefs.

8. Someone whose opinions are rational. Smart girls need a guy who, yes, feels strongly about things but bases his opinions on facts. He doesn’t hate for the sake of hating – he educates himself before he makes any big statements.

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9. Someone who can acknowledge when he’s wrong, and call you out when you’re wrong. You need someone who’ll tell you how it is. He doesn’t try to hurt your feelings but he’s not afraid to stand up for himself. On the flip side, he can think logically and know when he’s the one in the wrong.

10. Someone you can trust. Jealousy is a healthy part of every relationship – it would be weird if neither of you occasionally felt a bit uneasy. It shows how much you care. But jealousy is far less crappy when you trust your partner completely.

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