If You Relate to These, It's Time to Break up with Him

Do it for yourself.

The decision to break up with him is one of the hardest you’ll make – but, if you relate to these six things, you have to do it. You deserve to be happy, and if you’re getting no happiness from him, you owe it to yourself to move on. It’s hard now but, years down the line, you’ll be so glad you did.

1 He doesn’t put in effort like he did at the beginning of your relationship. In fact, he doesn’t put in any effort at all. Early on, when he was trying to ‘catch’ you, he treated you like a queen. Now that he’s got you, the relationship doesn’t seem like a priority in his life any more. If he’ll never do anything that puts him in a remotely uncomfortable position, even if it makes your life better, it may be time to break up.

2 He never says anything good about you. Even on the days you put extra effort in, it’s like he doesn’t even notice. When you excel at something, instead of celebrating your success, he’ll brush it off like it’s nothing. Compliments in general just don’t happen. Sometimes you wonder why he even likes you, because he’s never given you a reason.

3 You don’t trust him. If you head straight into worry-mode the second he’s out of your sight, that’s not a sign of a healthy relationship. You’re not feeling this way because you’re scared to lose him; you’re feeling this way because you know he’s not fully committed and you can’t trust him. Given the opportunity, you can’t help but think he might do something to hurt you without thinking twice about it – and that’s an extremely good reason to break up with someone.

4 You’re more focused on what you’d like to change about him than what you love about him. You can think of a thousand ways you’d like to change his personality. You wish he was kinder to you, or that he was nicer to people he perceives as ‘inferior’. As for why you like him? Sometimes you can’t remember.

5 You feel horribly envious of other couples. They seem to be genuinely in love. You can see it by the way they look at each other, and how kind they are to each other. Everyone – everyone – seems happier than you are. And it hurts like hell.

6 On paper he seems perfect but you have a nagging feeling that doesn’t go away. That voice inside your head doesn’t lie – it’s on your side. Don’t focus on how you should be feeling – focus on how you feel. Let that dictate your next move.

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