Positions He's Dying To Do Again
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Positions He's Dying To Do Again


Judging from these confessions, he’d love to give it another go…

‘We were going at it missionary-style when my ex lifted one of her legs and tucked it behind her head while managing to keep me inside her. I was awestruck! The best part was that she really seamed to enjoy it with her leg out of the way like that.’ – Darren*, 27

‘The best position by far is what I call the ‘reverse catcher’. It starts like reverse cowgirl, with the girl facing away from me. But instead of kneeling on the bed, she squats over my manhood. There’s so much more up-and-down range of motion. One tip: It’s easier for her if she leans forward so she can support herself with her hands.’ – George*, 24

‘In the heat of the moment, I once picked up a girl off the bed and set her down on a nearby desk. It was the perfect height for me to thrust in and out of her, and she could either lean back a bit with her legs hanging down or lie back and wrap them around my body. I could get inside her really deep, and there’s nothing like conquering a whole new piece of furniture!’ – Peter*, 26

‘I once had this chair; I’d sit in it and my girl would straddle me. While woman-on-top on the bed feels great, in the chair, your bodies are much closer, creating a tighter feel during sex. And you can kiss. Plus, the chair gives things a very teacher-student feel, which allows me to live out an entirely different fantasy.’ – Eric*, 30

‘It takes a little extra energy, but I like to switch up missionary by putting my legs outside hers so her thighs are pressed together. She loves the way it feels to have her legs immobilised, and for me, it feels so much tighter than usual.’ – Nathan*, 32

*Names have been changed


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