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5 Nightmare Dating App Encounters That Will Make You Want to Set Your Phone on Fire

5 Nightmare Dating App Encounters That Will Make You Want to Set Your Phone on Fire

BODY HEALTH #AskAGynae: 'Which STIs Are Harmful to My Baby?' - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 05 January 2018 | 12:00pm

Beware of these two especially!

RELATIONSHIPS 9 First-Time Ever Sex Secrets Guys Won't Tell You - COSMO | 05 January 2018 | 11:43am

SPOILER: He's just as nervous as you are

RELATIONSHIPS 12 Instagram Things Guys Do That Are Total Red Flags 🚩 - COSMO | 05 January 2018 | 11:34am

Bye to guys who watch your stories but won't text back. 🖕

SEX What 4 Women Think of ~*Pegging*~ Their Partners - Christy Chilimigras | 04 January 2018 | 04:09pm

'Thrusting is HARD, guys.'

SEX When You Love Them But Fall Out of Love With the Sex - Christy Chilimigras | 04 January 2018 | 04:04pm

Is there hope once the spark dies? Yes, and no...

SEX An Ode to the Squirter: 5 People on Why They Love it - Christy Chilimigras | 04 January 2018 | 03:48pm

This is so NSFW!

BODY HEALTH #AskAGynae: 'Can I have Sex While I'm Pregnant?' - Sarah Browning-de Villiers | 04 January 2018 | 12:35pm

Is it safe? Plus 'What should I avoid to increase my fertility?'

RELATIONSHIPS How to Be More Successful on Bumble, According to Bumble Users - COSMO | 04 January 2018 | 12:03pm

They don't call it Sunday Funday for nothing

SEX How To Take Your Girl-on-Girl 69 To the Next Level - COSMO | 04 January 2018 | 11:46am

First rule of the 69: get comfy 😉

SEX What You Can Expect from Giving a Rim Job - Christy Chilimigras | 19 December 2017 | 05:33pm

You know, just in case it's on your bucket list

HOROSCOPES This zodiac Sign Had More Sex Than Any Other in 2017 - COSMO | 19 December 2017 | 05:13pm

Called it.

SEX 20 Twitter 'Yeah Sex Is Cool' Jokes That Are Just Too Good - COSMO | 19 December 2017 | 03:32pm

These tweets might even be *better* than sex.