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Rules of a Wingwoman

Rules of a Wingwoman

SEX POSITIONS The Bridge - COSMO | 17 February 2009 | 12:00am

Mend bridges with this lithe sex position. But be careful, it's not an easy one.

RELATIONSHIPS Loved Up On the Forums - COSMO | 13 February 2009 | 12:00am

It's that time of the year again. The time when

RELATIONSHIPS Once is Enough - COSMO | 11 February 2009 | 12:00am

Shocking news rocked the music industry this week when Chris

SEX POSITIONS Teasing Tarzan - COSMO | 10 February 2009 | 12:00am

Treat your man to a teasing treat with this sex position.

RELATIONSHIPS Goodbye Kisses and Hugs - COSMO | 04 February 2009 | 12:00am

Pay attention the next time you and your man part

SEX POSITIONS The Circle Game - COSMO | 26 January 2009 | 12:00am

Be inspired by ancient, Eastern love teachings with this position.

RELATIONSHIPS Things Guys Hate to Do - COSMO | 22 January 2009 | 12:00am

For the sake of his ego (and your bond), spare him from these tasks.

SEX POSITIONS The Randy Wrestling Roll - COSMO | 20 January 2009 | 12:00am

Combine sport and sex tonight to get him on your team.

RELATIONSHIPS What Kind of Flirt are You? - COSMO | 16 January 2009 | 12:00am

The art of flirting is something everybody can and should do.

SEX POSITIONS The Floor Scene In Damage - COSMO | 14 January 2009 | 12:00am

This X-rated position is guaranteed to give your sex life movie-star quality.

RELATIONSHIPS Airing Your Dirty Laundry - COSMO | 08 January 2009 | 12:00am

These days it's easy to air your views online, and get lots of feedback from it.

SEX STORIES The Smart(er) Balls - COSMO | 06 January 2009 | 12:00am

Quiet, small, smart these balls work wonders 'up there'.