Little Things That Get Him Hot
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Little Things That Get Him Hot


Behold, every guy’s secret sexual wish list…

‘I had a girlfriend who loved to flash me her underwear. She’d sit across from me on a stool at a bar, crossing and uncrossing her legs just slowly enough so I could get a glimpse, Basic Instinct-style. Then she’d give me this little smirk because she knew she had me.’ – Craig*, 28

‘I can’t explain why, but the sight of a girl biting her bottom lip always turns me on. Doesn’t matter if it’s because I’m kissing her neck or she’s just contemplating something; it’s such a smokin’ hot look.’ – Mario*, 27

‘The scent of a woman’s skin after she gets out of the shower drives me insane. Seeing her glistening with water droplets and wearing nothing but a towel doesn’t hurt either, but that smell is just so clean and sexy.’ – Jake*, 32

‘A woman I was involved with liked to SMS me discreetly when we were out together. We’d be hanging with friends at a club, and I’d get an SMS that read ‘Want U. Let’s leave now.’ I’d look over, she’d smile mischievously, and only the two of us knew what was up. I couldn’t get out of there quick enough.’ – Thabo*, 30

‘I hit it off with a girl at a bar, and a few drinks later, we were making out intensely in a dark booth. All of a sudden, she grabbed my hair, pushed my head back, and pulled her lips just out of reach. I felt like a hungry dog straining at his leash to get at a steak. It was so intoxicating to have a girl take control.’ – Louis*, 27

*Names have been changed


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