His Secret Thoughts
Cosmo Editor

His Secret Thoughts

- Cosmo Editor

He tells you he’s only hot for you? He could be lying. Read on…

‘When my girlfriend asks me if I think any of her friends are cute, I obviously say no, but the ones I really like are the ones I tell her are air-heads. Whenever I mock them, my girlfriend defends them by telling me all the cool things they’re doing. She fills me in without realising it.’ – Shaun*, 24

‘Every guy has that fantasy girl in his head who gives him an instant erection. For me, it’s this girl I dated in high school who gave me oral sex for the first time. If my girlfriend knew how many times that face has appeared on her body when the lights were off…’
- Ron*, 29

‘My girlfriend loves it when I come over all horny and can’t wait to rip her clothes off. I tell her it’s because I’ve been thinking about her all day, but really it’s almost always because someone flirted with me and got me all worked up.’
- Samson*, 30

‘I let the girl I’m dating catch me leering at other girls on purpose early on so she thinks I’m completely obvious when I do it. That way, when I actually am checking out a girl, she has no idea what tricks I have up my sleeve.’
- Steve*, 28

‘If it’s female and within my field of vision, you can bet I’ve already imagined what she’s like in bed. Even if I’ve said a girl’s nasty-looking, I’ve probably still asked myself how much alcohol – and how few witnesses – it would take me to man up and do her.’
- Stan*, 32

‘No matter how committed I am, I need to have at least one other woman who’s into me. It’s not that I’m looking for an escape, but knowing I turn someone else on besides my girlfriend makes me feel sexier when I’m with her.’
- Nathan*, 36

*Names have been changed


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