His Career Quirks

His Career Quirks


Real guys confess to some (very) dodgy on-the-job tactics.

‘I know I’m not as bright as my boss thinks I am, so I do whatever it takes to avoid looking dumb. When I don’t know the answer to a question at work, I pretend my cell phone’s vibrating with an important SMS from a client. They think I’m replying, but I’m really Googling the answer so I look like a brainiac.’
- Brent*, 26

‘I always think about how much less my girlfriend would respect me if she saw what a major suck-up I am with my boss. I tell her how he always relies on me at work, but it’s usually to get his lunch or collect his mail at his house when he’s on holiday.’
- Rob*, 31

‘I’m afraid of getting a hard-on at work at the wrong time. Once, I was talking to this hot intern in my office and popped one, and just then my boss swung by and asked me to lunch. I pretended I was looking for my wallet while he stood there waiting, but I was really fluffing up my trousers so I wouldn’t walk out with a tent in my pants.’
- Dustin*, 27

*Names have been changed


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