His Body Issues
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His Body Issues


Think it’s only women who have silly hang-ups? Read what real guys stress about.

‘My feet are incredibly wide, and people comment on how big they are all the time. If I I’m lucky, someone will say it means I have a big penis, but mostly, it just makes me wonder if horrified girls think I look like a penguin or an off-duty circus clown.’ – CharIie*, 25

‘If I’m stepping out of the shower, changing, or doing anything in front of a girl where she’s going to see my goods, I’ll quickly think of something dirty or stroke myself so I’m bigger when her eyes head south.’ – Vaneshran*, 24

‘I act all proud of my beer belly around my girlfriend and her friends – I’ll rub it, stick it out, and pat it like a drum. But in reality, I hate that my gut’s so out of control. I’d love to admit that I wish it were flatter, but I’m afraid my girlfriend would just put me on her way-too-strict diet to make it happen.’ – Bulelani*, 27

‘My girlfriend doesn’t think I’m that hairy, but I have this ritual I do every month where I’ll put my clippers on a short setting and run them all over my lower body – from my bum to my legs to my feet. If I didn’t, I’d look like a caveman.’ – Chris*, 30

‘I hate it when I see a girl’s eyes staring at the top of my head. I know she’s thinking that my hair looks like crap, or noticing that I’m starting to thin out on top. Either way it makes me curse my genetics and want to reach for a cap.’ – Marc*, 29

‘Some girl told me I had a flat bum in high school, so ever since then, I always face girls I like from the front and let them walk in front of me so they don’t notice it. I even wear shirts that are too long just so I have something to tuck back there to pad my bum so it looks rounder.’ – Dave*, 28

*Names have been changed


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