Guys' Secret Thoughts

Guys' Secret Thoughts


Real boys fess up to their shameful inner dialogue.

If I ever get the urge to cheat, my best friend and I have this agreement where we’ll SMS each other before we do it. He’s talked me out of destroying my relationship more than once, except one time, when he was angry with my girlfriend for something she’d said or done. That time, he went ahead and told me to go for it. – Oliver*, 25

My girlfriend hates hearing about my past, but she has an ex of mine to thank for my never cheating. When I cheated on my high school sweetheart, I lost almost all my friends in matric, and no one would go out with me. After that, I decided that I’d rather be loyal than be branded. - Thabo*, 27

I know my girlfriend would disagree, but I really don’t consider it cheating unless you go all the way. – Alan*, 26

When I go away on a business trip, I have what I like to call ‘emergency porn’ on my iPad. If I have to head out for drinks with a hot female client, I’ll use it to get myself off as many times as humanly possible before I leave. That way, there’s less chance I will get into trouble when the booze starts flowing. - Doug*, 36

If my little head starts thinking for my big head, I always step away from the situation for a minute to phone my girlfriend and tell her I love her. It makes me feel guilty. I’ve been close to cheating five times, but those calls always kept me from giving myself the green light. If I ever don’t feel guilty, though… – Steven*, 29

I have only one rule: It’s not cheating unless I instigate it. So if some hottie knows full well that I have a girlfriend and seduces me anyway, then whatever happens is entirely out of my control. - Lance*, 21

*Names have been changed


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