Girlie Habits Guys Keep Hidden (Part Two)
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Girlie Habits Guys Keep Hidden (Part Two)


Sure, they watch sport, grow facial hair and fix stuff – but men also tap into their feminine side.

Waiter, More Umbrellas!
‘I love girlie drinks, but I realise what a loser I’d look like if I ordered one at a bar. That’s why I enjoy going on tropical holidays and eating at Mexican restaurants – I can order all the fruity cocktails I want without having to take any flack for it.’ -Owen*, 27

Gossip Guy
‘Whenever my friends and I are drinking together, watching a soccer game or just hanging out, we always end up talking about any of our friends who aren’t there. I like to call it ball busting, but really, it’s no different that when women get together and get catty with gossip. Well, maybe there’s less giggling.’ – Sipho*, 28

Pet Project
‘I adopted a long haired-Chihauhua about a year ago. I’d fully intended to get a big, strong, manly breed like a lab or golden retriever, but when I saw this little guy barking at me, he was just too cute to pass up. I still had to name him Whisky so that we could both feel a little more macho.’ – Sean*, 27

Total Scrub
‘I regularly use a loofah in the shower. It’s old and tattered, so it’s got the same sort of personality as my favourite worn-in hat. At least, that’s how I justify it to myself. – Vaneshran*, 36

Tough as Nails
‘I get manicures and pedicures. I find them relaxing, and it’s a lot better than clipping my own toenails. Of course, heading into a salon and asking for a mani/pedi feels ridiculous, so I choose to refer to it as something else.’ – Matt*, 26

Bubble-Bath Boy
‘Whenever I’m really stressed, I enjoy soaking in a hot bath. It’s so soothing and peaceful, and while I never light candles, I’ll admit to throwing in a capful of bubble bath.’ – Roger*, 27

Brow Beating
‘If I didn’t get my eyebrows waxed, I’d look like a werewolf. I don’t know why doing that is girlie though, it hurts more than just about everything – except a kick in the balls.’ – Steve*, 30

*Names have been changed

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