Brain-Gasms are Actually a Thing

And this is how you can achieve one

You’d think, based on a lot of recent research, that there are more than enough different kinds of female orgasms to go around. The clitoral orgasm. The vaginal orgasm. The blended orgasm. The core-gasm. The A-gasm. The list goes on.

And as though I wasn’t spoiled enough for choice over which kind to explore next, a few weeks ago I was sitting at my desk, earphones on, taking an audio stroll down memory lane while listening to a song I used to adore (and still do).

Then, during a particular part of the song, I suddenly felt something squeeze in the back of my head, before releasing and making my ears tingle. I didn’t risk telling a soul. As accustomed as my friends are to hearing me rambling on about ‘all things new in sex’ (not much is new in sex, guys), I thought they’d eventually have to call BS on my ‘brain-gasm’.

Here’s the song that did it for me – maybe you’ll also get off on a song called The Funeral? Who knows…

Then, a week later, my BF introduced me to the world of ASMR. ASMR stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’. According to Highsnobiety, the term was coined by a member of a Facebook group (Jennifer Allen) who is dedicated to this form of relaxation. ASMR refers to the tingling sensation brought on by certain audio stimuli, such as soft whispering, nails softly drumming on wood, plastic crinkling, hair brushing, and other weird and wonderful things.

While this experience is also known as ‘brain tingles’, ‘brain massage’ and ‘ brain orgasm’, Allen maintains that this experience is not of a sexual nature. Apparently, when coming up with a name for the sensation, she went with ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’ based on how very clinical it sounds.

So began my deep and curious YouTube exploration of ASMR. TBH, I didn’t experience my brain-gasm again while listening to any of the songs. It may be because this kind of ASMR is just not for me, or because my earphones weren’t of the best quality (it’s recommended you use really high-quality ones).

Find a quiet corner and see if it does anything for you:

Here’s another one featuring a pineapple, duh.

We humans are a curious thing. Give it a bash – treat your brain.

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