Big Boy Blunders (Part Two)

Don’t get busted like these guys did…

Don’t get busted like these guys did…

Complete Bust
‘As a favour to my aunt, I agreed to take out her friend’s daughter who had just moved to town and was lonely. I picked her up but wasn’t really feeling any chemistry, so I decided that taking her to a movie would be the least awkward thing for us to do. I had been hanging out with my buddies earlier in the day, watching TV and rating all the actresses based on their boob size. So when some no-name gorgeous actress came onto the screen, I automatically said "Great rack." My date whipped her head around and said "What?" When I stuttered, trying to explain my outburst, she just glared and elbowed me. Later, I got an irate phone call from my aunt about my behaviour.’
– Carl*, 25

Member Of The Cast
‘I was in a play at varsity where I had to make a lot of costume changes. Because I was in and out of clothing, I had grown pretty accustomed to just changing in front of people and had little modesty whatsoever about it. After rehearsal one day, I was removing my outfit while talking to a female cast member. I took off my pants and was chatting away when I realised that the flap of my boxers was open. The girl – who was pretty reserved – had an all-access view of my manhood hanging right in front of her eyes. Shocked, she tried to turn her face away, while I quickly scrambled to get dressed. But the damage was already done, and she had seen everything. We basically haven’t been able to look each other in the eye since.’
– Ben*, 21

Totally Toasted
‘I was really shocked when I got an invite to my ex’s wedding in the mail. We hadn’t ended on great terms, but she used to be a big part of my life, so I decided to go and bring a girl I had just started dating. I’d spent the day before gardening and, as a result, had bad sunburn. When we arrived at the reception, I felt awkward about the fact that I was attracting attention with my bright red skin… but that was only the beginning. During dinner, my ex got up to make a speech; she seemed a little tipsy and was slurring her words. She started by saying how lucky she was to have found such a great guy. Then she went on about how she used to date losers and mentioned that one of them was at her wedding. She asked me to stand up and went into great detail about why I hadn’t been a good boyfriend. Everyone was staring at me the entire time, and my new girlfriend was so mortified she ran out.’
– Ted*, 35

Laughing Gas
‘My friends and I scheduled one of our classes together so we could mess around. One afternoon, we were cracking all these jokes to impress some girls in the course. Finally, the professor got us back on topic… and everyone went quiet. But for some reason I could not control myself, and I was trying to bite my lip to keep from laughing really hard. I was so focused on keeping my laughter in that I ended up passing gas in an otherwise hushed room full of people. So I finally did get all the girls’ attention… but for the totally wrong reasons.’
– Lihle*, 22

*Names have been changed

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