9 People Share the Sex Things They Think Are Really Overrated

’69 – it’s kinda claustrophobic.’

As we all know, sex is incredibly subjective. What feels amazing and mind-blowing to you, may make someone else feel sick and like they need a shower and a camomile tea. So remember that these people sharing the sex things they consider to be totally overrated aren’t speaking for every man or every woman. But their points can help explain why some people might not enjoy certain things.

1 ‘Getting eaten out – his technique isn’t the problem, I just dislike the sensation of having saliva down there.’ [via]

2 ‘I could happily go through the rest of my life without being deep-throated again. My partner enjoys doing it for the submissive aspect so turning them on turns me on too, but a shallower and faster blow job feels way better to me.’ [via]

3 ‘Your first time, “losing your virginity”.’ [via]

4 ‘Shower sex – don’t waste your time, trust me.’ [via]

5 ‘Hand jobs. I can do it far better myself.’ [via]

6 ‘Orgasm. It’s great, but compared to the rest of sex, foreplay, etc, it’s completely overrated.’ [via]

7 ‘Sixty nine. It’s difficult upside down, kinda claustrophobic, and the heights rarely line up.’ [via]

8 ‘Blow jobs. I don’t mind giving them, but I don’t want one.’ [via]


9 ‘Penetration itself. At least for me. When I was a virgin, I thought the vagina held the key to all of life’s mysteries. Once my penis entered, my life would drastically change, I’d be a completely different person, and everything would suddenly make sense. Honestly, masturbation feels way better.’ [via]

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