7 Things to Always Carry in Your Handbag in Case of a One-Night Stand

Always be prepared

One-night stands can be fun, but having to put on last night’s clothes in the morning and hope that you still look cute even though your hair texture has totally changed overnight can be not-so-fun. You can never predict when a one-night-only special is coming your way, but there are a few things you should always carry around with you to ensure that, if luck does strike, you’re ready to face the journey home the next day comfortably and with pride (and a clean pair of panties).

1 Wet wipes 

You know, the things you use to replace showering when you go to music festivals? Most handy for wiping away any smudged make up and giving your face a quick clean without having to steal his Nivea For Men’s face wash/get mascara on his towel.

2 Spare panties 

Having to awkwardly pick up your panties from wherever you flung them last night is bad enough; you shouldn’t have to put them back on, too. Panties take up very little space in your bag and a fresh pair is going to make you feel *so* much better in the morning.

3 Gum 

For some reason, sharing a toothbrush is more intimate than getting totally naked together – so it’s unlikely you’re going to want to borrow his one in the morning. If you’re not one to carry a travel-sized tube of toothpaste and a mini-toothbrush everywhere you go, then a pack of gum will do just fine to freshen things up.

4 Emergency makeup 

You know when you quietly sneak out of bed before they’ve woken up to check that your face is still looking vaguely cute, only to discover that all of your mascara has flaked off and you have two fresh pimples? If you don’t care about someone seeing you looking less than your best, then that’s great (also, please teach us your ways). But if you like to keep the illusion of having flawless skin and long lashes going, then keep concealer and a mini mascara on you at all times.

5 Cash 

Sometimes the person you go home with won’t have a compatible phone charger for you (yes, Apple fans *can* fall for Android users), and you’ll wake up with a dead phone and no way of getting home. Ask your new friend if they can call you an Uber and select the option to pay with cash. Now you can get home safely without being in debt to them.

6 Condoms 

Don’t rely on the guy to provide protection, carry a condom (or three, in case you want to do it again in the morning). There’s nothing more frustrating than only discovering that no-one has a condom when things have already gotten horizontal.

7 Dry shampoo 

Another item usually reserved for camping or festivals, dry shampoo is one of the most underrated and underutilised beauty products. Ideal for those of us not confident enough to shower at a stranger’s house and risk trying a new shampoo (plus, if it’s a guy’s house they probably won’t even have conditioner, gross). Buy one of those mini bottles of dry shampoo and spritz away the shame of your greasy mane (subtly) in the morning.

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