5 Iconic TV/Movie Couples We Need to Stop Putting on a Pedestal

TBH, maybe Rachel shouldn’t have ended up with Ross…

Every once in a while, a series will unleash a couple into the world that is simply iconic. They’re just witty enough, hot enough and quirky enough to enthrall us with their bullshit. While there are certainly some fictional couples we should aspire to be like, these 5 are NOT IT. This is why we need to take these 5 iconic TV-land couples off their pedestal.

1 Marshall and Lily

While I concede that sometimes their dynamic is endearing, they’re mostly just annoying AF. The one time they were without each other (when Lily went off to that art course and found out once and for all she’s a terrible artist), as individuals, they fell to pieces. They are the poster children of codependency and, TBH, I don’t think any couple should aspire to be like them.


2 Carrie and Big

If we’re being frank, other than Aiden, Carrie had absolutely terrible taste in men. Between that awful Russian artist and Burger (who was the literal worst), she should have handed over the management of her love life to Miranda a long time ago. But perhaps the worst off all, is Big. The way I see it, you can look at Carrie and Big in one of two ways.

The first way:
‘They’re so meant to be. It doesn’t matter what life throws their way, they’ll always find each other again. That’s love. I should totally get back together with my ex.’

Or the correct way:
‘They’re a flaming-hot mess and relationships that play out like this IRL are dangerous and borderline emotionally abusive.’


3 Ross and Rachel

Before you freak out, consider this:

  • When Rachel met Mark, who helped her get a job at Bloomingdale’s, Ross was so insecure that he hoped Mark wouldn’t pull through and help Rachel. He was so self-absorbed that he’d rather have Rachel miserable and working a kak job than even be near another man in her dream job.
  • When she did get the job, he was so possessive that he came into her place of work and embarrassed the hell out of her.
  • In my mind, sure, they were on a break, but even so, WTF was Ross thinking sleeping with someone else so soon?
  • He wrote that list in which he mentions Rachel is ‘just a waitress’, among other insults. #NEVERFORGET.

He’s just all-round not a good oke, and Rachel isn’t her best self with him. End of story. He’s the kinda guy that makes a fabulous friend but a horrendous boyfriend.



4 Chuck and Blair

It truly breaks my heart, because even though I know better, I loved them together. But really, their relationship was pure poison. I mean, Chuck SELLS Blair to his weird uncle Jack for an evening in exchange for a hotel. There’s really no recovering from that.



5 Christian and Anastasia

And NOT for the reason you might think. Because I take issue with the way BDSM is portrayed in the 50 Shades series (something only ‘damaged’ people engage in), I have no problem telling you that Anastasia is full of shit. Sure, she gives rough sex a bash, which is cool. But when she tells Christian to spank her as hard as he wants to AND THEN DOESN’T USE THE SAFE WORD WHEN SHE WANTS IT TO STOP, she is violating their agreement. Then she shames him senselessly and then runs away. I’m not here for it. I am not here for it one bit.

Christian Grey

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