5 Thoughts You Have When You're Going Down on Him

‘Awaiting that cursory tap on my head’

While all blow jobs are unique (as is every penis), there are some common thoughts that run through our heads when we’re busy downtown.

1 If I curve my lips inwards over my teeth any more, I will sever a lip and there will be blood everywhere

Must loosen my lips but maintain protective layer between teeth of mass destruction and fragile penis.

2 I have a cramp in my thigh right now

Amazing. I wonder if this means I am getting toned while performing this extraordinary blow job. Must tell girls tomorrow about this exact position.

3 Balls

There they are. Looking all unloved. I’ve read enough comments on Reddit to know that I must never squeeze his balls without his permission. I must not even tug them too hard. But they’re just sitting there. Like hairy ornaments. Perhaps I’ll just cradle them gently while running my tongue up and down them. That’s what I’ll do.

4 Here I lie, with my head hanging off the side of my bed, all the better to deepthroat with

My boobs are perfectly perked up. I am quite simply a goddess. A goddess with blood running to her head. A goddess whose neck is starting to cramp. A goddess who is rhythmically getting tapped on the forehead by thrusting ornaments. I’m out.

5 Awaiting that cursory tap on my head that alerts me to an impending explosion

How considerate that he still does that after all this time? Some guys don’t. What a f*ckin’ liberty.

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