5 Sex Habits of Very Strong Couples

Your sex life can always get even better…

When you’ve been dating someone for what feels like a thousand years, there’s absolutely no reason for your sex life to suffer. Here’s how strong couples keep the spark alive.

1. They make sex a priority. Happy couples know that sex is an important part of their relationship, so it’s something they won’t let fall by the wayside, even though life is busy. Sure, they aren’t doing it quite as often as they were in the early stages, but they’re sure to set aside time regularly. They know there’s absolutely no shame in scheduling sex – it gets the job done, doesn’t it?

2. They’re willing to at least try  new things. Not all sex things are appealing – in fact, some will immediately warrant a ‘LOL, no thanks’ – and that’s okay. But if their partner wants something different, they’re willing to try it as long as it isn’t making anyone uncomfortable. They know that sex can get monotonous, so they put in the effort to keep it interesting. Whatever doesn’t work they can check off the list. And whatever does work? Well, now they have something extra to add to their repertoire.

3. They are respectful of their partner’s boundaries. They know what their partner doesn’t want, and they’re okay with that. In a great relationship, nobody’s forced to do anything. They can say, without any fear of their partner being offended/angry/irritated, that they’re not into something. Because of this, sex is a lot less stressful – and a lot more pleasurable.

4. They can both initiate. Initiating sex isn’t one person’s job – both partners will act on frisky feelings. There’s a mutual desire and absolutely no shame in wanting it. There’s never any doubt that they want each other – and that makes for a safe, secure partnership.

5. They’re honest about whether they’re in the mood. If you’re not in the mood but you’re doing it anyway, he can tell – and that probably sucks more for him than just not doing anything at all. People in a solid relationship will tell each other if they don’t want it right now (but will promise to make time for it later.)

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