15 Unspoken but Real and Hilarious Rules of Sex

Never make fun of someone’s orgasm face

Yes, we know sex is all about communication. Sometimes, though, there are rules so simple they should be left unspoken. Here, 15 Redditors chime in on the unspoken rules of sex we should be bearing in mind.

1 ‘If in the moment you can’t think of anything sexy to say, don’t say anything at all. Just make noises appropriate to your enjoyment level.’ – iwantmyreshi

2 ‘If you’ve recently eaten spicy food, wash your hands.’ – capn_untsahts

3 ‘If it slips out, the one on top puts it back in.’ – studioprisoner95

4 ‘Never make fun of someone’s orgasm face.’ – drunkenviking

5 ‘If he or she has trouble finishing, don’t just stop attempting to get them there. And don’t rush them. I should add this: know your partner’s limits. Stop if it’s obviously not going to happen, and don’t shame them if it doesn’t happen.’ – valkyrie21

6 ‘It took me a little too long to learn that if she/he likes what you’re doing, DON’T CHANGE A THING.’ – mymomsaysimanasshole

7 ‘Don’t go ass to vagina. Infections, yo.’ – im_probably_drinking

8 ‘Always pee after sex.’ – imnoidiot5

9 ‘Don’t fart while receiving oral.’ – 6two240

10 ‘You’re gonna want to ask before you venture to Brown Town.’ – landlubber77

11 ‘Use a contraceptive. Unless you want to have a baby.’ – pillowish

12 ‘If you’re receiving a blow job, give a courtesy tap before you blow your load, for the love of all that is holy. Just a heads up is all we ask.’ – velvet42

13 ‘When pulling out anal beads, don’t say “and the winning numbers are…”‘ – killer3james

14 ‘Never wipe cum on her forehead and whisper “Simba”.” – timryan1019

Can we please just have a moment to rejoice in the genius of the person who commented, ‘Ah, the ole Sneaky Rafiki’ on the above rule?

15 ‘Be present. Show your thanks afterwards with a kiss, high-five or hug.’ – w2e3i8o

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