10 People Reveal the Secrets They Keep from Their SOs

They’re not all about cheating, guys

Secrets, fam. They’ll eat you alive if you let them. But let’s not deny though that we all have secrets of our own. Below, 10 secrets from South Africans in relationships, all anonymous because, well, duh.

1 ‘I would never tell my boyfriend that I know his brother had sex with his ex. It would just crush him and make his already tough relationship with his brother even worse.’

2 ‘I keep it a secret that I truly despise my girlfriend’s mother. She has no idea and I would never tell her because they’re so close. But honestly the reason I haven’t proposed yet is because I couldn’t stand having her as a mother-in-law for the rest of my life.’

3 ‘I haven’t told my boyfriend that I’ve only ever actually had one orgasm in my life. I have friends who told their partners they couldn’t orgasm and their boyfriends all ended up treating sex like a chore or a competition. I don’t want that to happen.’

4 ‘I’d never tell my boyfriend that I cheated on him during an overseas trip. The experience made me realise how amazing he is and than I need to be a better girlfriend. Worth keeping the secret if it means I get to keep him.’

5 ‘My girlfriend’s best friend flirts with me a lot when no one else is around. I think the reason I haven’t told my girlfriend is because I’m scared she won’t believe me and it will just end in a break-up.’

6 ‘I still have feelings for my ex. I definitely love my new boyfriend so much more than I ever loved my ex. But I feel as though I never really got closure after the last relationship and I still think of my ex all the time.’

7 ‘My biggest secret is that I actually got into the university of my choice, but turned it down because it meant I’d have to move to another country. I told my boyfriend I didn’t get in because I knew he’d insist I go and I don’t want to be without him.’

8 ‘I suspect I’m not as ‘straight’ as everyone believes. I don’t know how to tell my girlfriend that I’d love to experience having sex with a man.’

9 ‘My boyfriend and I have varying ideas of when we became “exclusive”. I’d never tell him that I slept with two other guys in our first few months of dating.’

10 ‘I have a lot, A LOT, of money saved up separately from the accounts my wife and I share. I think of it as a plan B. Whatever that means.’

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