We've Got The Lowdown on The 2018 Women's March

We can hardly wait!

The Women’s March last year (21st January 2017) was the largest coordinated protest in the history of the US.

Sparked by known sexual predator Donald Trump’s election into the White House, the march was a direct resistance against the Trump administration. The march was also celebrated for its intersectionality, featuring the voices of different identities.

Following its massive impact on the culture where women’s rights go beyond focus groups and into a global arena, the Women’s March gave a rise to a new era of activism.

Picking up where it left off last year, the 2018 Women’s March is underway. Also on the horizon is an initiative started by the Women’s March co-presidents called #PowerToThePolls.

#PowerToThePolls is a mission to get voters registered and encourage representation for progressive candidates in the States.

Considering South Africa’s past and present regarding gender-based violence, we’re in need of our own projects. Organising, mobilising and taking action to end discrimination is more NB now than it’s ever been (apart from fighting for the right to vote, buy property, use contraception, get divorced and be paid equally, of course).

What initiatives and marches can South Africans look forward to in 2018? It’s still too early in the year to tell, but keep an eye on #COSMOTalks for upcoming events by organisation’s dedicated to women’s rights this year.

Want to Take Action? Get Involved and Volunteer:

POWA Jo’burg: 011 642 4345 / 6

TEARS Jo’burg: 010 590 5920

Rape Crisis Cape Town:  021 447 1467

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