Emma Watson Opens Up About Experiencing Sexual Violence in Hollywood

Gender-based violence isn’t unique, it’s pretty much everywhere

The domino effect of survivors of sexual violence coming forward with their stories reveals just how prominent rape culture is. Well, it’s #TimesUp for the normalisation of violence against women. Emma Watson weighs in on the conversation as a supporter of the movement.

The Harry Potter icon was one of several Hollywood starlets to wear black and invite a significant activist to join her on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. Her guest was Marai Larasi of organisation Imkaan, an initiative tackling issues affecting black women and WOC.

As Emma Watson tells Variety, the violence against women’s bodies isn’t isolated to individual experiences of catcalling, groping, sexual harassment and assault, but a ‘systemic, structural’ culture that allows for the normalisation of GBV (gender-based violence).

The Beauty and the Beast star said when it comes to sexual harassment in Hollywood, she’s been through it all. And she’s not the only one.

‘It’s amazing because I have experienced the full spectrum [of harassment],’ said Watson.

‘But I think that for me, what is amazing is that my experiences are not unique, the experiences of my friends are not unique, the experiences of my colleagues are not unique.’

The actress went on to say that even a look at statistics of sexual violence in the workplace illustrates how dangerously common it is.

‘You realise, if you speak to most women, they have an experience, they have a story,’ said Watson. ‘We’re just uncovering. We’re just scratching the surface of this, which is what’s really crazy.’

What we call the domino effect is now being called the Weinstein effect, after thousands of women joined the #MeToo movement after it was revealed Hollywood exec mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted and harassed actresses for decades. The fight has only just begun.

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