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The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil Is on Fire, and You Can See the Damage From Space

The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil Is on Fire, and You Can See the Damage From Space

POLITICS Watch the Chilling Trailer For the Reeva Steenkamp Tell-all Documentary 'My Name is Reeva' - COSMO | 21 August 2019 | 03:20pm

WOW. Goosebumps.

POLITICS "Hollywood Ripper" Found Guilty of Killing Ashton Kutcher's Date - COSMO | 20 August 2019 | 03:15pm

Kutcher was due to go on a date with Ashley Ellerin the night she was attacked.

POLITICS Women in Saudi Arabia Can Now Travel Without Men's Permission - COSMO | 16 August 2019 | 09:39am

The kingdom has recently been easing long-standing social restrictions on women.

POLITICS Women-Only Dance Parties in Kenya are Taking TF Off - COSMO | 14 August 2019 | 03:58pm

Men are banned, and everyone's having a great time

POLITICS This 30-Second Video of Simone Biles Landing a Triple-Double Flip Is Truly Astounding - COSMO | 14 August 2019 | 09:18am

I'm clutching my calves in sympathy!!

POLITICS The Woman Who Incited All Those Gender-Reveal Parties Becomes a “New Icon” and Says They’re Ridic - COSMO | 12 August 2019 | 04:48pm

“PLOT TWIST, the world’s first gender-reveal-party baby is a girl

POLITICS South Africa's Horrifying Gender-Based Violence Stats and the Latest Plan to Fix It - COSMO | 05 August 2019 | 05:00pm

SA violence stats are similar to countries at war, with 110

POLITICS Sex-trafficking Survivor Cyntoia Brown Will Finally Be Set Free - COSMO | 02 August 2019 | 12:38pm

She hopes to use her freedom to “help other young girls” ❤️❤️❤️

POLITICS A Photo of a Badass Old Woman Defending Young Protestors From Police Brutality in Hong Kong Has Gone Viral - COSMO | 31 July 2019 | 03:55pm

Okay, I wanna be her when I'm older.

POLITICS This Photoshoot Celebrating Plus-size Asian Women is Going Viral and We're So Here for It - COSMO | 31 July 2019 | 03:48pm

Breaking the stereotype that Asian women are all petite.

POLITICS Tinder Protects Its Queer Users With New Safety Alert for LGBTQ Travellers - COSMO | 26 July 2019 | 12:30pm

Because there are still 69 countries where LGBTQ relationships are illegal.

POLITICS A$AP Rocky Charged With Assault for Incident in Sweden - COSMO | 26 July 2019 | 10:55am

He’s been detained for three weeks.