7 Unwritten Laws of University Life

You need to know.

They may not be printed in the code of conduct, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t abide by them at all times. Here are the seven unwritten laws of every university – it’s survival 101!

1 Even though there are no assigned seats at your university, everyone in the room sits in the exact same spot they always do. Nobody knows why; it just is. Take a look where that cute guy is sitting right now and you can pretty much guarantee he’ll be in the exact same spot for the rest of the university year.

2 When you’re doing group work, put in 80% more effort than you normally would. It’s not just yourself you’ll be letting down if you screw up this time, so go above and beyond the effort you’d usually put in.

3 If you meet someone while drunk, you’re totally allowed to pretend you’ve never seen them before. ‘Oh, hi! My name’s Jessica and I definitely didn’t make out with you at the post-party Steers two weeks ago.’

4 Don’t eat your roommate’s food without asking. This is just rude. You’re in university, not prison.

5 None of your lecturers care what you have going on in other classes. ‘You already have three English essays due in the week I just assigned your biggest linguistics project of the semester? Let this be a life lesson in time management.’

6 In some classes you’ll need 100% attendance to survive; in other classes you’ll be better off self-studying at home. Some classes are just a waste of time (and the lecture slides get put online, so it’s not like you’ll miss out on notes). Meanwhile, other classes are invaluable – and your lecturer will set the exam question according to what was covered in class. Learn the difference early on.

7 Try not to shoot the person who tries to have one-on-one conversations with your tutor in the middle of class. There’s always that one guy who thinks he’s the only one in the room (and the tutor really cares about what he has to say). Try not to get too ragey when he doesn’t shut up about his very profound theories.

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