Someone not pulling their weight? Being confrontational won’t solve the problem – discuss things calmly instead.

Your spiritual beliefs become more important now and you have the energy to follow them which transforms all aspects of your life. You need your man to adore everything about you and with your luck at the moment, he will.

If your man needs some understanding and compassion try to be more sensitive to his needs. You have your own problems at work, probably over money, but the kinder you are the more everyone will help you.

Your love life seems to be extreme in every way making you wonder whether a breakaway would give you an opportunity to slow down a bit, think and decide on how to achieve your highest aspirations. You need comfort and warmth rather than rough passion.

Trying to borrow money seems particularly frustrating at the moment; perhaps you need to re-assess your needs, consider all the implications and then decide how best to move forward. Get all your facts and figures together. Ambition is one thing, but being ostentatious is quite another.

Are your relationships a bit slow and not providing enough comfort and love even though you put in all the hard work? Decide whether you want him to go away, or if it’s you that needs to escape. Don’t worry – tomorrow will be better. And a trip away together will help.

You aren’t in the mood for anyone who doesn’t pull their weight and leaves you to do all the household chores. Getting hands dirty isn’t really Libra’s style. Try discussing this in a friendly way rather than being confrontational.

Your want to be creative and let your imagination run wild, but still something is holding you back. Don’t let childhood conditioning control you now. You are intelligent enough to use all your gifts and fulfil your dreams. With him, is it love or obsession?


You want to be seen with your man in all the best places whether it’s top restaurants or the theatre, but you’re frustrated at having to spend all your money on repairs or renovations to your home. You can have it all, just not today. In bed, let him be in charge for once.

Whatever you say could be misinterpreted today, so don’t discuss anything unless it’s absolutely necessary, and be sure to get all your facts and figures on hand. Your home life is warm, friendly and very nurturing, and if this can a spill over into your love-life you’ll be very content.

You need to express yourself in your usual, individual way, but misunderstandings over money bring up some old wounds and issues. Don’t let frustration become anger – it will all calm down tomorrow. Your sense of humour solves all problems, especially in matters of love.

If you take something a friend says to heart, you’ll end up feeling hurt, frustrated and very unloved. Luckily, your favourite man should boost your self-confidence and help you realise all your dreams. Just be your usual, unpredictable self.

Your emotions are quite complex today. Focus on your career instead – the harder you work, the more you’ll earn. Someone from your past, like an old colleague, turns up. Seeing them again won’t be easy, but will help heal old hurts.

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