6 Reasons Why You Really Need To Go To Sleep Earlier

More sleep, for one

By now you know whether you’re a morning person or more of a ‘don’t speak to me until I’ve had my coffee’-type and have accepted it. But this isn’t in your genes and you can change it. Staying up late is actually just a habit  that’s totally possible to break out of. Not only are you more productive in the mornings but staying up late and not getting enough sleep actually have more serious implications than just yawning a lot the next day. Here’s why you should go to bed earlier (at least on weeknights):

1 People who stay up late are more prone to negative thoughts

Have you ever noticed that when bad thoughts and anxiety overcome you it’s usually when you’re alone and late at night? A study has shown that people who go to bed later and sleep less are more likely to experience negative thoughts. By having bad sleeping habits you are making yourself more vulnerable to those repetitive, overwhelming and anxiety-provoking thoughts that keep you up at night.


2 Late Nights Can Have an Impact on Your Weight

If you stay up later you’re more likely to snack, and what you snack on is usually something unhealthy. When you get a late night craving you’re hardly reaching for the carrot sticks, are you? Eating late, when you should be sleeping, can mess with your appetite and metabolism and lead to weight gain.

Another study showed that people who were exposed to bright morning light had a lower BMI. In fact the earlier they were exposed to light the lower their BMI was. You should aim to get in about 30 minutes of morning light in, even if it’s not direct sunlight. The light has an affect on your body clock and tells it to get your metabolism going.

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3 A lack of sleep weakens your immune system

While you sleep your body is very busy helping you to recover and chill out, and this includes your immune system. If you don’t get enough sleep it has less time to produce protective proteins or antibodies to fight infection. This means you’re more likely to get sick if exposed to a virus, plus your recovery time will be longer.


4 You’re more productive in the morning

The early bird really does catch the worm. You probably find yourself getting distracted from your work often throughout the day. That’s because the world is so full of distractions. But before 9am things move slower, making this the best time of the day to get things done. There are less hilarious tweets being posted, fewer Instagram posts to scroll through, and no one’s putting any good banter into the group chat at 7am. Getting to bed earlier is going to make it much easier to get up earlier and carpe diem.

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5 Poor sleep can make you a bad person

Well, kind of. A lack of sleep is linked to a bad mood, while a good night’s rest has been shown to make you more positive and happy. Your irritability levels and tolerance for life’s annoyances could be greatly improved just by getting more rest.


6 Being tired isn’t a good look

How annoying is it when someone tells you how tired you look? You already feel exhausted and now Liesel from accounts is telling you that you look bad, too? But when you’re sleep deprived it really is written all over your face. A study on what a lack of sleep does to your appearance shows that people who don’t get enough sleep have droopy eyelids, red and swollen eyes, dark circles, more wrinkles and paler skin. Plus they literally look sadder than people who are getting adequate sleep.

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