Four Women Let Us in on Their Sunday Self-Care Routine

Yaas, bullet journaling!

Sundays are for chocolate pancakes, cleaning my flat in my underwear and sheet-masks … or is that just me? Hey, it’s not called the day of rest for nothing. But for most of us, the Sabbath has evolved from the days of Sunday roasts with fam. While nobody says no to free home-cooked food (duh), in 2017 we’re on a tight rope where time is a literal resource and cities never sleep.

Young hustlers, creatives and pioneers are busy shaping culture so Sundays may very well be spent brainstorming ideas or having meetings over brunch. The glo-up is real but even in between flourishing careers and big things on the horizon, we owe it to ourselves to take a breather.

Whether you’re binge-watching Netflix shows or adorning your bullet journal, everyone does Sunday downtime in their own style.

We asked four different working women what Sundays look like when you’re juggling surviving the patriarchy, prepping meals for the week, and fitting in some much-needed self-care.

Danielle Bowler, 28, writer

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What are your work hours? Generally I work a 9-5 day, but if often spills over into nights and weekends.

What’s a typical Sunday for you? There is no typical Sunday for me. If I’ve been busy, I like to keep Sundays low-key and either watch series or read and catch up with friends. I do admin, like grocery shopping. It depends on the week I’ve had. Sometimes I’m working and other times Sundays are really chilled.

Any meal-prep involved for the week? I used to do this all the time and I’m trying to get back into it. I love anything that makes my week days simpler. I like to roast vegetables that I can use for lunches and dinners, or a multipurpose pasta sauce. If it’s winter, I’ll make a huge pot of soup or curry.

Any #goals for the week? I visualise the week ahead and plan for my deadlines and my downtime. When I do this, I feel calmer and more focused. I use a bullet journal to track everything. I love the practice of sitting down with pen and paper, and taking the moment to think through my week and month.

Sunday self-care: I don’t have a self-care routine that I typically follow. My favourite Sundays are ones where I wake up, head to the lounge and read in the early morning light with a cup of coffee. I also love washing my hair as a self-care treat – it is a long process, but there is something relaxing about taking the time out for myself.

Phetha Motumi, 24, copywriter

What are your work hours? My work hours are 8.30am to 5pm but, unfortunately, because it’s Jo’burg, sitting in traffic makes the day last longer.

What are Sundays for: Being as lazy and as carefree as possible. It’s definitely a time to decompress and reflect.

Meal prep for the week? I’m not as disciplined with meal preps as I’d like to be – it usually consists of buying fruit and vegetables for the week while also resisting the urge to bake something 😂. The rest I take as it comes.

Any #goals for the week? I definitely map out the week ahead: deadlines I might have, presentations I may need to prepare for, and I also budget because I like to do all the nice things with friends quite regularly.

Sunday self-care: Sleeping in, good breakfast (the more bacon the better), catching up on news (Sunday Twitter definitely helps with that) and then ending the day with some Bordelon drama on Queen Sugar and a really good movie.

Kerryn Gammie, 23, fintech intern


What are your work hours? My work hours are officially 8.30am to 5pm, but the last month I’ve been working a little later because I have a new project.

How are your Sundays looking? Sundays are usually busy – I spend most of the time studying, but also do something with my girlfriend. The evening is usually spent doing chores, but I try to get to bed early in preparation for the upcoming week.

What about meal prep? I try, but I’m really bad at it! I usually nail lunch prep or dinner prep, but never both.

Any #goals for the week?  Yes, but often I don’t get to all the things that I planned to do – work can be hectic. I have a neat notes app that is helpful.

Chill or work on Sundays? I think it should be both! The former can be a great way to initiate the latter. Sunday morning, for instance, is a nice time to capitalise on daytime adventure time with my girlfriend. The evening is great for me to do chores and mentally prepare for the week.

Sunday self-care: Less of a Sunday-specific routine, but I have an app, Pacifica, which I’m a big fan of. It’s geared towards people with anxiety – I use it every day but usually spend more time with it before bed on a Sunday. If I can get a run in, Sunday feels like a success.

Dayna Jayde, 25, copywriter and digital content creator

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What are your work hours? I work from 7am to 4pm.

How are your Sundays looking? A few things that come to mind when describing my Sunday are: chilled, food, a good book, white wine/gin & tonic (depending on the mood), beach or anything outdoors and family.  Every Sunday I make a plan to eat good food and drink something delicious. Now that it’s summer, you’d find me at the beach or taking a scenic walk.

What about meal prep? Sometimes. On Sunday evening I’ll pop into Pick n Pay and buy lunch for the week. If I’ve run out of time to prep meals, I’ll grab all the ingredients in the morning and make something at work.

Any #goals for the week? I’m more of a get-up-and-go type of girl – mapping out and planning confuses my soul, so I just take each day as it comes.

Chill or work on Sundays?  Sunday is for chilling and soaking up the last bit of sun of the weekend. I always start Monday by setting some positive intentions and a small meditation session.

Sunday self-care: A face mask and re-doing my nails and toes. If there’s good weather, I try my utmost to do something outdoors, be it a walk in the forest or a swim in the ocean – which I think is most definitely part of a self-care routine. It does wonders for my overactive writer’s mind.

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