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Want to feel the fear, and go there anyway? Follow our psyche-yourself-up tips and grab life by the you-know-what.

Years from now, when you think about how your life has panned out so far, you’ll probably find your bravest leap wasn’t the one you took from a bungee platform at Bloukrans Bridge. Chances are, committing to your boyfriend or quitting your job before you had another one will have pushed you furthest out of your comfort zone… but will also have brought you the most life satisfaction.

‘Sometimes it’s worth abandoning the security your current situation gives you and taking a leap of faith, to create the life you really want,’ says Domonique Bertolucci, Sydney-based personal coach and author of Your Best We (Hodder Headline).

Like it or not, taking risks is an inevitable, inescapable part of life. Whether you’re wrestling with leaving a going-nowhere relationship, embarking on a new job or heading off for a year overseas, you’ll ultimately find yourself on the edge of that bungee platform. Often though, the real harm may lie in not leaping, and letting opportunity pass you by. Ask yourself what you really want from your partner, your job, your life. Take an honest look at yourself and listen to your intuitive voice – yes, your gut! Then pull out this practical guide and take the plunge.

LESSON 1: Break It Down Just because you’ve decided to do a major life overhaul, there’s no need to rush in and do it all at once. ‘It’s perfectly OK to start with smaller changes and move towards your dreams step-by-step,’ Bertolucci says. ‘Ask yourself, “What can I do to take me 10% closer to my ideal life/job/career?” When you’ve conquered that change, move forward another 10% and so on, until you’re living the life you want.’

So don’t dismiss that fantasy man or dream career as being beyond you. Start small – get some background info from people who know the guy, research that job on the Internet, find out exactly what’s required, do some appropriate training – and progress from there.

LESSON 2: Feel The Fear
LESSON 3: Pros and Cons
LESSON 4: Clear Your Head
LESSON 5: Celebrate!

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