How to Conquer Festive Stress

Late nights, hangovers and relatives coming out of your ears? No wonder we’re cracking under party-season pressure.

Christmas can transform even the most laid-back among us into a raging stress-head. ‘Thankfully, it’s easy to get a handle on festive tension,’ says Professor Stephen Palmer, director of the Centre For Stress Management. ‘Just wise up to whatever’s stressing you out, then put coping strategies into place.’ Follow his advice for your most perfect party season yet.

X-Stress #1: Family Fallouts Chill Pill: Days cooped up with parents, siblings and in-laws can trigger rows. Palmer advises creating personal space by taking a walk or ‘playing with kids’ toys – it’ll liberate you from the adult world and inject fun, not angst, into tense situations.’
X-Stress #2: Mental Burnout
X-Stress #3: Gut Reactions
X-Stress #4: Binge Spending
X-Stress #5: Lack of Sleep