Why It's Smart To Be an Early Riser pg1

Why It's Smart To Be an Early Riser pg1


Sleeping too long isn’t just bad for your career (rolling in late plus a round of retrenchments equals your ass on the line), but it can also leave you feeling moody and sluggish all day. These effective tactics help – yes, they’re even for hard-core snooze-button abusers.

Getting up at the crack of dawn sucks. We know, and experts know – which is why they’ve been studying sleep patterns to find out why it sucks so much. Turns out, being an early riser isn’t a matter of just setting the alarm; it requires a strategic plan to reset your body’s clock by making little tweaks throughout the entire day. This info couldn’t have come at a better time, considering that nowadays, being the first one at work could actually help you hold on to your job.

Setting your alarm back a full hour is jarring to your system, so take baby steps. Every two days, set the alarm for just 10 minutes earlier. And don’t stress out about shifting back the time you go to sleep. You’ll naturally adjust to an earlier bedtime after a few days.


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