Travel Safely pg1
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Travel Safely pg1

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Millions of South Africans commute to work and back using buses, trains and taxis, and while public transport is convenient and cost effective, it is not without its dangers. Here are some tips to protect yourself.

Safety In Taxis Taxis are everywhere and, unlike trains and buses, they don’t run on a fixed schedule – you can hop on or off whenever, which makes them a super-convenient option. According to Arrive Alive, taxis transport 65% of the country’s population, making them SA’s primary means of transport. However, they can still be hazardous, and there have been many reports of people being kidnapped, raped and even murdered on taxis. Remember, never get onto a taxi when all the occupants are men, even though women have been known to collude in crimes inside taxis. Choose a taxi that is relatively full as ‘safety in numbers’ really does apply here. Also, avoid travelling in a taxi at night where darkness makes you vulnerable. Don’t flash gadgets like your phone or iPod because these attract potential attackers. Ensure that you keep track of the route you’re travelling, and make sure you don’t get left alone when all the other passengers disembark. It may seem extreme, but if you’re about to be the last person on a taxi, it’s advisable to get off with the last passenger and wait for another taxi to arrive – one that has people in it.
Safety On Trains
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