Tae Kwon Do May Have All The Self-defence Moves You Need

Martial arts were good enough for some of history’s most lethal armies, so incorporate a move into your own self-defense arsenal.

Tae Kwon Do was originally used by the Korean military, says Denis Magua of Taekwon-Do South Africa in Johannesburg. The practice of it builds self-confidence and fitness, he says. For our purposes, use whatever you can find in your immediate environment as a weapon, from your handbag to your shoes or a brick.


A FRONT SNAP KICK: This should be directed at the attacker’s groin or scrotum area. Use the ball of your foot, with your toes pointed. First, lift your knee straight in front of you to point just above the intended target. Then extend your foot in a sharp, snapping motion into and through the target.

• A PALM STRIKE: This is generally directed towards the nose, but any soft target will do. Pull your hand back at the wrist and curl your fingers forward, keeping the thumb beside your hand. Your hand should shoot out straight from the shoulder towards the intended target. Your body weight should be put into the techinique in order to give it power.

• REMEMBER: Do not aim at the surface of your target – aim through it to cause severe injury.

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