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Sort Out Your Stomach pg1


Chances are you’ve felt gassy, bloated or constipated in the past few days. And you’re not alone – tummy troubles plague all women. ‘You have a set of hormones in your gut,’ says Professor Terry Bolin from The Gut Foundation. ‘And when they interact with your reproduction hormones – like when you’ve got your period – stomach problems often occur.’ Read on for the most common complaints and how to fix them.

Q: ‘I always get diarrhoea during my period. What’s with that?’ A: Blame it on natural chemicals called prostaglandins – they’re primarily responsible for getting rid of the blood from your uterus, but can also trigger contractions in the bowel, bringing on diarrhoea. Or, if your diarrhoea lasts beyond your period, Bolin says it could be linked to irritable bowel syndrome, a common stomach condition in women that can flare up when you get your period.

How To Treat It: Pick up an oral rehydration fluid from the chemist to replace any electrolytes you may have lost, and stick to bland foods.

Q: ‘What is ‘regular’ anyway?’
Q: ‘Why is my stomach bloated all the time? It’s not just when I get my period.’
Q: ‘I haven’t done a poo in a week. Is that bad?’
Q: ‘Why do I always get heartburn when I eat at my desk?’


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