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Ouch pg4

- Cosmo Editor

Whether your upper body is aching after hours of sitting in front of the computer or after a stressful day at work, let the experts give you some relief.

Super-Stressed ‘Step 1: Go on your hands and knees (hands underneath your shoulders, knees under your hips) and lengthen your spine with your crown and coccyx working in opposite directions. Exhale.
Step 2: Round your back, so your chin touches your chest. Draw your naval to your spine. Try pushing your lower vertebrae towards the ceiling and embrace the opening between the shoulder blades.
Step 3: Inhale. Arch your back as you look up to the ceiling and let your tummy "drop" to the floor.
Step 4: Embrace your chest opening as you slide your shoulders back. Continue for 30 seconds up to one minute.’
Ergonomics 101
Stay Active
Four-Point Stretch
Sitting Shoulder Stretch


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