Here are eight surgery facts every woman should know.

1. There Are No Guarantees That It Will Look Great
It’s difficult to predict how a person’s body will react to surgery, says Douglas McGeorge, a consultant plastic surgeon. ‘An operation may go well, but the surgery may not look the way you expect it to afterwards. For example, with breast enlargements your scars shrink over time, and that can make the implants look rounder and feel harder.’

2. One Op Isn’t Necessarily Enough

‘Sometimes a procedure such as a facelift, can make the rest of your features look odd in comparison,’ says Nick Percival, consultant cosmetic surgeon. ‘So I might recommend a patient has more than one thing done. One procedure won’t always give you the look you’re after.’

3. Breast Implants Can Cause a Loss Of Sensation
Up to 20% of women experience a change in sensation after having implants. ‘Surgeons are careful not to damage nerve endings, but the truth is they’re just too small to see in the nipple and breast area,’ says Percival.

4. Changing Your Look Can Be Painful
‘Your body is a record of where you’ve been and what you’ve done,’ says counsellor, Philip Hodson. ‘Changing it can alter your sense of identity.’

5. What Looks Great Today Might Not In 20 Years Time
‘You might feel comfortable going from a C to an F cup in your twenties,’ says Percival, ‘but by the time you hit 40, large breasts could feel or look wrong.’ And removing them could leave you with two empty sacks of skin.

6. Surgery Isn’t Always a One-Off
Percival advises his patients to have their implants changed every 15 years. ‘Over time, the implant’s outer coating can fail and gel can leak out,’ he says. ‘It’s not dangerous but it’s best to change them regularly.’

7. Paying Out Can Stress You Out

Finding the money for surgery can lead to huge financial strain. ‘Some people get into serious debt,’ say Hodson, ‘and all that does is replace one problem with another.’

8. There Are Side Effects
Large implants can actually make boobs drop. ‘Some silicone implants are as heavy as a bag of five or six apples,’ says Percival.


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