Diet Derailers

Some foods we once thought are bad for us are actually good, and vice versa

Biltong is good for you – it’s a high-protein snack that doesn’t raise your insulin levels.
Marshmallows (and many other sweets) contain absolutely no fat. They do, however, contain large amounts of energy-boosting sugar, which is great before or after a hectic workout at the gym – just watch how much you eat!
Eggs can be a great diet ally. People who start their day with two protein-rich boiled eggs can lose up to tow-thirds more weight than people who don’t, because they make you feel fuller for longer.
Coffee contains caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system and can kick your exercise routine into top gear by improving endurance – which results in a more efficient fat-burn.

Matzos are unleavened, water-cracker-like ‘bread’, so you might think they’d be a great low-fat alternative. But one large sheet of matzos contains the same amount of kilojoules as a muffin. Which would you rather eat?
Frozen yoghurt is often called low-fat – but many brands contain fattening carbohydrates and are low in calcium and protein. Rather opt for regular, live-culture yoghurt.
Rice cakes are loaded with high-glycaemic-index (GI) fats that can cause sugar levels to spike, stimulating unwanted fat storage and slowing the body’s rate of fat-burn.
Basil pesto may seem to be a healthy, summery treat but it’s not – pesto is made with high-fat ingredients such as olive oil, pine nuts and lashings of Parmesan cheese.

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