Dance Off Your Cuddly Bits pg1
Cosmo Editor

Dance Off Your Cuddly Bits pg1

- Cosmo Editor

Learn new moves and reinvent your shape at the drop of a, er, leotard.

Squats are so 2011. Instead, combine classes like jazz, funk and tap at least twice a week for a pert derriere and legs that stretch for days.

‘Jazz and funk are fantastic for toning the lower body,’ says celebrity choreographer Adam Williams from So You Think You Can Dance. ‘The bent knee or "plié" action is a great workout for the quads.’ Short on time? If one class is all you can squeeze in, make it a JFH class. ‘JFH is a combination of jazz, funk and hip-hop. It borrows techniques from jazz, some groove from funk, and the locking and popping we love from hip-hop,’ adds Williams. Find a class with a long and intense warm-up, as holding a series of stretches can strengthen, tone and lengthen the muscles, resulting in long, slender pins.


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