Cramp-Fighting Tips
Cosmo Editor

Cramp-Fighting Tips

- Cosmo Editor

Take Meds ASAP
Over-the-counter painkillers are most effective when you pop them at the first twinge of discomfort (or, if you know your period is due, you can take them the day before). They stop the production of hormones called prostaglandins which cause the cramps.

Work Up a Sweat
Sustained heart-pumping exercise – a 20-minute jog or brisk walk, for example -increases blood flow and prompts natural pain blockers called endorphins to circulate through your bloodstream.

Soak In a Hot Bath
Heat relaxes all the muscles in your body, including those in your uterus, so they’re less likely to tense up. A heating pad or even a hot shower will do the trick.

Get Frisky
Experts believe that sexual stimulation curbs cramps because it also triggers an endorphin rush.


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